President’s Message-February 2017

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Here is the latest news on what has happened and what is coming up.

The first thing is I am glad to announce that our Memorial Park is now open and the lights are on. The hours will be the same, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. If the temperature drops below 40 degrees or if there is rain, snow or ice we will not have it opened. There are a few aesthetic things we have to do but that will have to wait for the spring.

 Our Valentine Day dance was a complete success with 180 people in attendance. All our ladies looked beautiful in their Valentine dresses, the music by Midnight Hour was great, the food and drink was delicious and plentiful. It was such a success that I couldn’t convince most that the party was over and it was almost time for breakfast. So taking all that in along with many requests for another one we have decided that there will be a Valentine Day Dance 2018.

 This March meeting our guests will be the staff from the Vet Center on Bay Street. There are some new staff members and I think it important that we welcome them at this meeting. It will also be a Pizza night and I promise Frank the chef will be wearing his chef attire.

 Starting from the February meeting there will be nominations for three board seats presently being held by Frank Sansone, Al Halfenger, and Joe Skinner. Nominations will continue until the April meeting and at that time elections will be held.

 We have some special events coming this April and I think it important that we all put them on our “to do list”.  The first event is going to be a Vietnam Veteran Breakfast on April 5th at 9am at the Excelsior on Hylan Blvd. The breakfast is sponsored by Borough President James Oddo and District Attorney Michael McMahn.  It will be for ALL Vietnam Veterans, which includes Vietnam Era Veterans. The Borough President and District Attorney have asked us not to bring any guests.  The second event will be at Tottenville H.S. on April 8th at 1:00pm. This annual event, celebrating Vietnam Veterans Day, has been held for 8 years  and is sponsored by Senator Andrew Lanza and Assemblyman Mathew Tittone. I know these events do not fall on the actual day, but given their schedules I fully understand.  I urge you all to come out and support these events. They are public officials that have had are backs when most others didn’t care. They have proven both with events like this and dialog with others that they will make sure our sacrifices will never be forgotten.

 On a final note I would like to recognize and thank the Meagher family and the Richmond County Social Network for their generous support and contributions, all of which has helped us keep the beautification of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park a success.

 God bless and I hope I see you at all our gatherings.


 You’re Brother