President’s Message-November 2016

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Hi Everybody,

 It has been a while since I have touched base with you and as usual there is a lot that’s happened and a lot going on so let me get right to it.  First of all, our Holiday Party is going to be celebrated on our November 28th meeting. The reason for this is that our December meeting is the day after Christmas so there’s no reason why I have to explain why there won’t be a meeting in December. Also, we could not secure another date at the Elks Lodge because of their full calendar. So, come out on November 28th and enjoy the night with all your brothers and sisters. As usual your families are invited, just give us a head up if they are coming.

 Over the course of this year we have accomplished so much. Our latest venture was getting involved with children of special needs at one of our local schools. We sponsored and built a soap box car for their annual Super Kids event. This event takes place across the country with these special children competing against one another.  Some years ago, when our chapter was just getting our wings we got involved with the special Olympics and it was very gratifying, so, to get back into the community and help all our children again is very fulfilling. 

 On October 5th we had our Jay O Donovan Memorial Golf Outing and it was a huge success. There were 90 golfers playing and an additional 10 joining us at the awards event afterwards. As you all know this fund raiser helps support the chapter and our Veterans Helping Veterans Program. All this would have not been accomplished without a great golf committee.  Thank you, Al, Halfenger, Frank Sansone, Glen Hall, George Salerno and Danny Ingellis. GREAT JOB!

On November 10th we finally started Phase ll at the Memorial Park. For all those who have lost touch with what is going on here is a review:

All the trees and the short fence bordering us from the Armory have to be removed. They have become aesthetically and financially impossible to maintain. Pavers will be installed from where they currently end to the end of the property line. A concrete curb will be installed at the end of the pavers and a special 6ft PVC Simtick fence will erected on top of the curbing. The PVC fence will give the appearance of a beautiful stone wall. After that is done the concrete at the center of the memorial will be removed and will be replaced with grey pavers. This had to be done because of the defects and cracking of the concrete. After all is done the park will be practically maintenance free and stand forever. The funding of this project has been done through grants and our Buy a Brick program. The Buy a Brick program will always be out there for you or your family. It is a great way to memorialize you or someone special. If you are interested there are forms and information you can print out on our website

 Next on our list is our upcoming Valentine Dance. It will be at the Staaten on February 11th and will start at 7:00pm. There will be a cocktail hour, open bar and a sit-down dinner with a menu to pick from. You will be entertained by the well-known band “Midnight Hour”. All this for just $75/person.  This night out is not a fundraiser. We are doing this so you all, family, friends, or whoever, can come together for a night of fun.  To help offset the cost of this night we will be doing a journal. If you are interested in placing something in the journal you can contact John Bellotti (347-517-8566) or Frank Russo (347-452-3779).  So, come out and enjoy the night with all of us. Where else can you get all this for just $75/person.

In closing I want to ask you all to try and come out and support all that this chapter does for our veterans and our community.  But to do all this we need you out there to support us. We have come a long way so lets keep the journey going.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.


You’re Brother