Presidentís Message-January 2016

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Hi Everyone

Well the holidays are over, I had a great time. Dee and I took the kids and all our grandchildren on that new Royal Caribbean liner The Anthem of the Sea. The ship is designed for the young at heart with every fun ride you can imagine of on board. We survived it and probable need a separate vacation just to recover, but the important thing is we gave them all memories they will never forget. I hope your holidays were just as fruitful.

Well now that it is all over itís time to get back to work. What we have on schedule in the coming months are the Chapterís elections and Vietnam Veterans Day.

First I would like to talk about elections. This year we have the entire executive committee and three board seats up for re-election.  All these positions require an understanding and commitment to the chapter. If you are interested then stepping up is all that it takes.  The understanding of how the chapter works is really easy to learn, if I did then anybody can.  But the most important thing is your commitment. Every board member has a specific job, be it running a committee or taking on chapter events. Every board member has to make sure he or she is there before any event so as to help the event chairmen.

The executive committee and board of directors meet once a month unless we are faced with some issue that needs special attention. The chapter guidelines allow any of the committee or board members to miss 3 of these meetings unless there are some special circumstances.  I bring this to your attention because it is in the best interest for all concerned to know what you are stepping into.  I also want to assure you that working for this chapter is very rewarding and all of us have become very close and actually have fun working together.

So nominations start on the February meeting and go till the April meeting when all nominees will have a chance to address the membership. After that we will have the casting of the ballots.

 Last I would like to ask all members to make it their business to attend Vietnam Veterans Day event at the end of March (no date has been set) at Tottenville HS. This day was a long time in coming and we have to thank Senator Andrew Lanza and Representative Mathew Tittone. They knew and understood what we endured when we came home and, to show us the respect and recognition that was long time in the coming, they put this law in place so that every year it will be on the books as Vietnam Veterans Day. But they didnít stop there, this special day at Tottenville HS is sponsored by them. If you ask why they do this I can tell you that they both they do this because they want to be with us on that special day.

I am also asking you to bring your wives, they were with us. They held our hands and cried when we did, so I think it is long overdue that we look at them and say thank you.

Look for the date on our website or at our meetings.

Once again as President of this great chapter and of the brotherhood we share, I ask that you come and join us on that day.

If you have any questions just reach out to me (  or Doctor Joe (

 Youíre Brother