Presidentís Message-November 2015

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Hi Everyone

I know itís been a while since my last message, but with our website keeping you up to date on everything there isnít much more I can add.

As you all know earlier this month we had our first Veterans Day Dance.  I would like to personally thank my committee members, Frank Sansone, John Bellotti, and Nick Castoro for making it a great success.  I would also like to thank Frank Russo for his great photo coverage that can be seen on our website.

We felt that the dance was not to be a fundraiser and thatís the path that was taken.  In fact, after doing the numbers we went a little in the red.  But with membership up and all our programs in full swing what better way to say thank you for all your good work.

Nick Castoro and his band were great giving us all our favorite music and a new voice that added another dimension to a great group.

The Staaten, as always, put out a great spread, from the cocktail hour to the main course, to dessert. The open bars and their bartenders were always at the ready.

Well thatís it for the dance.  All that came had a great time and those that didnít, sorry that you missed out.

We have a few changes that have been posted and I would like to explain them. The tree trimming is going to be a little early this year, December 6th to be exact,  mainly because I felt it would be nice to have the tree up earlier for all to enjoy. The park looks beautiful so why not bring the Christmas spirit out early. And last is that our holiday meeting will be on Thursday December 17th instead of the December 28th. When the meeting is that close to the holidays it outs too much on everybody on whether they can make it or not.

Hope to see you all at the December meeting, until then have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe.

Well that is it for now if you have any questions just reach out to me (  or Doctor Joe (

Youíre Brother