Presidentís Message-February 2015

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Hi Everybody, 

In my last message to you I outlined the memorial project and how we were finalizing everything with the contractors.

Well, now weíre at the point of actually getting things done. We have agreed with the contractor on a starting date. If all goes well with the weather the excavation will start on March 2nd.  Unfortunately, we all know how that is going. The important thing is we are his first project of the season so that will work well for us.

The commemorative forms that were sent to that contractor have been returned to us showing how the orders will appear on the bricks.  The forms are sent back to us for proofing.  We then go back to the original forms that were submitted to ensure that all is correct.  Dr. Joe and I have been working on the proofing for the last week and should have them all completed and resubmitted by the end of this week 2/21/2015.

If all goes as scheduled the commemorative bricks will be delivered on site before the contractor is ready for them. Once the contractor starts work the Memorial Park will be closed and locked up until it is completely finished.

We, meaning the Board of Directors and the project committee, feel it is the only way to go about this. It will make sure there will be no disruptions and no possibility of anyone getting hurt.

When the project is completed we will have a special opening day celebration. I will be sending letters to all who are not chapter members having a commemorative brick on this day. I will not be sending letters to the membership because I am hoping all will know through the website, our email link, and meetings.

Well, thatís all I have on the project, but before I go I would like you to know the names of the project committee. Dr. Coppolo,  Al Paolucci,  Nick Castoro, Glen Hall, and Frank Sansone. They, along with the board of directors, have put all aside to make sure this very important project continues on schedule.

I have no definitive word on when or where the annual Vietnam Veterans Day Service will take place.  I have been in touch with Senator Lanza's office and reminded them that this is the 50th Anniversary of the war.

Finally I want to remind all that for the next few meeting we are going to be busy with the nominations of 3 board members.  Voting will take place at the April 27th meeting.

Stay warm and safe.

 If you have any questions just reach out to me (  or Doctor Joe (


Your Brother