Presidentís Message-March 2014

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Hi everybody,

I know it has been a long time since I have talked to you. I wanted to make sure the memorial project was approved and all the mailings were out.

I know by this time everyone has received a letter with a form which means the memorial project is well under way. So, for those who are not able to make our meetings, let me give you some background.

The memorial project was put together for the sole purpose of preserving the grounds at the memorial; it is not a fund raiser for the chapter. We are raising this money so we can accomplish this and not to finance any other ventures. The cost of doing this is well beyond our means, which is why I have come to you. I have sent requests out to all chapter members, the families of our brothers on the wall, local veteran groups, community organizations, and all our public officials.  I am confident that this will help us reach our goal.  On a personal note I would love to see all of you have a commemorative brick placed at the Memorial. Just think you can have yourself or any of your loved ones remembered forever.

I know all of you that are out of reach have wondered why the newsletter has been stopped. The reason is because the post office has gotten out of hand with their cost and regulations. That is why we have this new website. Our Web Master Frank Russo has put together this website and it has all you need. It covers all that has happened and will happen. It gives you our history and ways to find out about your veteran needs and saves us a lot of money.

One of the things we would like to add is a way we can personally reach out to you at a momentís notice. This would be only for reminders on what special event is happening or if something happens and we need to let you know fast. We can only accomplish this if we have your e mail address on file. It can also be done though text messaging. This will all be done through our Web Master so all information will be kept secure and not in the reach of others.  Frank Russo will put this together and let you know how this will be done at a future date.

Before I close I want to emphasize that OUR memorial restoration project can only get done with your help, so the sooner you jump in the sooner we can get it under way.

Remember our website {} is your life line.

God Bless and pray for spring.

Youíre Brother