Presidentís Message-November 2012

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Hi everybody! I thought it was important to get this newsletter out before the holidays in order to prepare you for what the new year has in store for us. First and foremost I would like to explain why newsletters are few and far between; our postal system has gotten much more expensive and they keep adding regulations, making a simple thing much too complicated.

We now have a new website, so make a note or bookmark it in your browser. Our new website is - the only change made was the omission of the word "chapter". Our new webmaster is Frank Russo and he has the site up and running, allowing us to be more focused on chapter news and dates. There will be other veteran-related topics available, but we want to keep our focus local. If you want to stay informed our website will be right at your fingertips and a lot more convenient - the newsletter will still be in production, just not as often as it used to be.

For all of you that are out of reach, our chapter meeting place has changed. We now meet at the Elks Lodge on Richmond Ave. We have sent out notices, I hope you have received yours.  The reason for this was simple - a larger hall with kitchen access, a large parking lot right on the premises, and it is handicapped accessible. The only slight drawback is we had to change the meetings to the 4th Monday of every month.

Now for 2013 news - this marks the 25th year of our memorial on Manor Road and  Martling Avenue. We will be commemorating on the second Sunday in June at our Day of Remembrance. Over 200 people attended the service last year, I can only imagine how many will be there to share that special day. Our Chapter will also be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2013; we have already set a date and place for this great occasion. We've planned a dinner dance at the Staaten on Forest Ave; the celebration will include a cocktail hour and Nick Castoro's band Midnight Hour. For more information on both these events please follow our website.

Before I close I want to bring attention to all the great work Danny Ingellis and his band of brothers did on the golf outing. It was a great success and we could not have accomplished it without him. KUDOS to DANNY and the BOYS!

Youíre Brother