The VVA Veteran
VVA Member Rick Rogers


All was silent: the rain came down
Thoughts of her and his home town
He faced the thought of no return
And for his girl his heart did yearn
In the stillness and the rain
He longed for home; yet he refrained
Friends and brothers both alive and dead
Filled his mind, his heart, and his head
A tracer round clears his head
His friend, his brother lays te dead
Roll to the left and shift to the right
Weapons blaze throughout the night
Hiss of rockets fill the air
Medics tend the men with care
They fight with passion; with heart and pride
Some survive while many died
Returning home the war behind
He faces a war of a different kind
No flags will wave; no tear filled eyes
Hateful words and hateful cries
Spurned and hated hear at home
From town to town he's made to roam
Sounds of war far away
Here at home no place to stay
Why was he the enemy?
While he had fought to keep them free
He sees their faces one by one
and knows what each had really done
Some had come of free accord
Others came at Sam's own word
Not the same as when they came
Battle proven: some dead some lame
Lasting thoughts of friend and brother
They had fought to save each other
Black or white no one cared
Life and death is what they shared
Village by village they passed on by
Praying, hoping that none would die
Midnight came and all survive
Weary and worn, yet still alive
Test of will these men had shown
The kind of men that they've become
Doing what they had to do
Old Glory waves for me and you
Each name is etched upon the wall
Of young and old who gave their all
Men and women had stood war's grim test
These were soldiers America's best