The Battlefield
Amanda Milo - Tottenville H.S. Student
Cuts and scrapes
and bruises and wounds
are visible, to the eye
but the pain inside
can be hard to find.
Sometimes your dreams
were once reality
and you wake up
and you find you’re not on the battlefield not anymore,
but still it feels
like every moment is a bullet flying past like everyday is another battle.
Sometimes, on some days,
you are peppered with guilt
haunted by “what if’s”
wondering if you had done something different
if the outcome would be different
if your life would be different,
and you know it doesn’t matter
because you can’t go back in time
but you wish you could.
Sometimes you feel ready to crumble,
ready to break,
not ready to face today.

But you are not alone.

There are those who have felt your pain,
who understand your pain,
and together, you thrive.
There are those who do not know what it feels like
to carry this hurt around
like a weight you can never put down,
but still they are there for you
to help you apply the band-aids to your inner wounds
and to make the weight feel less heavy.
No matter how hurt you are,or what kind of pain you feel inside,
there is always kindness
and there will always be people
willing to spread that kindness.
All you must remember,
is this:
The pain will be there,
but so will happiness.